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Bamfield fishing report Jan 29, 2017

Bamfield Fishing Report Success

Bamfield fishing report Jan 29, 2017

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The Bamfield fishing report shows that Salmon Fishing has been steady for the past week or so. As always the key to finding the salmon this time of the year is finding the feed. There seems to be lots of herring from 4 – 6 inches in the area. March is Herring Spawning time here so larger herring will show up soon. Needle fish on the sandy bottoms is another key feed. Dragging your gear on the bottom is always the spot to be. We have been fishing from Bamfield to Cape Beale some days and other days going toward Sarita Bay has paid off. This time of year Salmon are feeding hard and always on the move. If you are not seeing the feed you may want to move to another area. Everything seems to always be on the move and a spot that’s good one day may be dead the next.

Our go to gear at this time of the year is always the purple & gold Hot spot flasher. On one side I follow this with a spoon of some sort. Good old stand by’s like Silver Horde’s Irish Cream or Cookies & Cream are a great place to start. The last couple of years their Herring Aide spoon has been a producer as well. Match the size of the spoon to the feed in the area. Sometimes the Coho Killers are the ticket or other day’s large spoons work well. For the other side pick out your favorite hootchie. For me my go to this time of the year is the B149 Needle fish. I like to tie it fairly short at about 30″ for faster action. These feeder Chinooks are active and aggressive biters.

The Bamfield Fishing Report shows that bamfield Salmon fishing can be very exiting at this time of the year. These are hard fighting fish. Chinook ranging from 5 – 10 pounds are the norm but you can expect a few that will range upwards of twenty pounds during the winter as well.

We thank you for reading our Bamfield Fishing Report.

Tight lines. See you on the water.

Ken Bodaly

Rocky Point Charters

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