Halibut fishing out of Bamfield, BC is excellent all season long. Our Halibut season runs from Feb 1st to December 31st.  In season we try to combine halibut, salmon and bottom fishing for you each day. The current limit is 1 fish per person day with 2 in possession. No fish allowed over 133cm (about 70lbs) and only one of the two may be over 83cm. 

We catch a few fish each season that fall into the over 133cm or larger bracket. Fish this size are exciting to battle and will test your strength & stamina. Although it is only to keep us under our total allowable catch share and not a conservation concern most customers willingly choose to release these giants since they are all females and can release several million eggs each year.
The work you put into reeling up your halibut will be appreciated once you start enjoying all the delicious fillets you take home.