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May 2016 Fishing Reports


May 2016 Fishing Reports

by admin

Salmon fishing has continued to be steady. Some days are better than others of course, with the fish moving all the time. Your hot spot one day may be dead the next.

I spend most of my time fishing near the bottom at this time of the year but scattered surface feed has some fish near the top. You just never know. As usual, find the feed and you find the fish.

Halibut and bottom fish continue to be good most days. Weather being the key factor in limiting success on days with big seas and high winds.

As the weather improves and seas settle down we will see more fish hitting the docks. It’s time to get on the water!

Top Picture: Dad Jamie and his girls had a fine morning fishing near Sail Rock.

Bottom Picture: George, at nearly 80 years old lead the charge for this group of guys getting a nice bunch of lingcod, yellow eye and other rockfish.

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